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The Best IT Equipment Buyback Program to Save You Thousands of Dollars

We’ve all been there. You invest in top-of-the-line tech, and a few years later, it’s time to move on. Maybe your business has grown. Or perhaps your needs have changed. Or maybe you just want newer stuff. Either way, you look at the equipment you’ve grown to love and depend on, and you’re faced with three choices: try to hock it online, toss it in the trash, or haul it to a recycling center.

Well, you can get off Craigslist and unload your friend’s pickup. With PivIT, there’s a fourth—and better—option: give your equipment to PivIT and turn it into cold, hard capital. Here’s how one client used PivIT to give their depreciated assets the Midas touch—turning it into over $70,000.

How You Can Turn Depreciated Assets Into Working Capital

If you have older assets and you’re looking to improve or alter your infrastructure, PivIT can take your older equipment and give you a credit you can use for your upgrade. The client faced a similar situation, and here’s how they flipped depreciated assets into working capital.

The client had some older storage arrays in their data center they no longer needed. The storage arrays were essentially junk to the client. PivIT brought the gear in, performed some tests, then wiped the data. After undergoing PivIT’s process, what was left over was far from junk; it was clean, functioning hardware.

Turn Useless Equipment Into Capital ($10,000) With PivIT

The amount you get in credit will depend on the equipment you’re letting PivIT handle for you. Here’s how it panned out for that client.

PivIT gave the client $10,000 in credit for the old storage gear that they traded in. Instead of having to go through the hassle of figuring out what to do with their components or the wasteful process of letting it sit around and collect dust, the client turned their “junk” into $10,000 of working capital.

What They Did With $10,000, Saved Them $70K

What you do with your credit is completely up to you. In this case, the client was making some data center improvements. Here’s how they applied their credit—for serious savings.

The client needed some additional 10 gigs, long-reach, single-mode optics for their data center upgrade. They chose the SFP-10G-LR optics by Cisco. They needed around 40 of these optics, which list for around $4,100 each if they were to go through their regular supplier.

Assuming they got an aggressive discount of around 51%, at $2,000 each, they would still be shelling out around $80,000 for these 40 optics.

This is where PivIT helps you save even more.

PivIT provided the client the exact optics they need for $240 each. These are the genuine, Cisco-branded units. Multiplied by 40, that’s $9,600 for all 40 optics. This means they saved over $70,000 compared to what they would have paid if they had purchased directly from their normal provider.

Even when you take into consideration the shipping costs and taxes the client had to pay, they still ended up saving over $70,000 using PivIT’s solutions.

Let’s Recap...

The client essentially had useless equipment they weren’t sure what to do with. PivIT tested everything to verify its functionality. They then took the components off the client’s hands, giving them $10,000 in credit. But this didn’t solve the client’s other need: optics for their data center.

PivIT then provided the exact optics they need but for 87.5% less than they would’ve likely paid—even after a huge discount of over half-off. In the end, the client got over $80,000 worth of optics for $9,600, along with a $10,000 credit. After paying other necessary costs, they still ended up saving more than $70k.

PivIT process flow to save money

How PivIT Saves Clients Money

At PivIT, your needs always come first. We understand that getting high-quality, effective equipment is the number one priority. Following closely behind at number two is saving money. PivIT has programs in place to make it easy for you to save—both using existing equipment and while sourcing new components.

You can apply your credit toward any of PivIT’s wide array of solutions. For example, if you need a blade server for a remote site or data center, the credit can be put towards the new Cisco UCS B200 M5 server unit.

Buyback/Trade-In Value

PivIT understands the value of legacy equipment, as well as what kinds of tests need to be performed to ensure its functioning to its full potential. If you have old equipment in your data center or place of business and you’re ready to upgrade your systems or networks, PivIT has you covered with EXTEND’s SmartHands program.

Learn More About SmartHands

With SmartHands, PivIT’s seasoned professionals use their expertise to test assets and buy them back. PivIT also takes care of all your decommissioning needs, including handling any e-waste if the assets have little to no value.

Decommissioned Gear = Working Capital

Using PivIT’s EXTEND, your decommissioned gear is far from junk. You can easily transform it into working capital. PivIT issues you a credit you can apply to upgrade or revamp your infrastructure.

Learn About Buybacks

Save 60-80% On Infrastructure

When it comes to gear, PivIT’s bread and butter is getting you the right components with the best quality to ensure uncompromised performance—for less. Like the client above, it’s not uncommon for customers to save 60-80%, or far more, on their equipment when they source through PivIT.

EXTEND client success statistics

So yeah, we get it. Upgrading infrastructure comes with dual challenges: sourcing the best equipment and figuring out what to do with your old components. At PivIT, we make it easy to turn both obstacles into opportunities to save on new gear and turn your old components into working capital. Reach out to see what PivIT can do for you today.

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