PivIT Juniper Mist Partnership Announced

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Apr 12, 2021 12:35:20 PM
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Juniper Networks and Mist Systems join forces to deliver software defined networking, simplicity and robust performance.

Juniper Networks, a leading provider of networking and security solutions, and Mist Systems, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) driven wireless networking, are excited to partner together to offer a seamless, end-to-end solution for your enterprise, all while supporting traditional architectures. Combining deep insights into the wired and wireless network, the Juniper-Mist combination delivers a flexible, simplified solution with distributed intelligence to elevate security, performance, and management for complex networks. Users will experience consistent levels of performance whether they are connected via a wired or wireless network, allowing them to work from anywhere, on any device.

With both companies being industry leaders and pioneers in their own niche, you might wonder what brought them together. The answer: a desire to deliver unsurpassed end-to-end user and IT experiences, which aligns with PivIT’s goal to offer enterprise network and data center solutions that make your life — and your job — easier.


“Juniper’s wireless offering through Mist is
making waves in the industry, and we
couldn’t be more excited to be able to offer
the complete Juniper line-up – including
Juniper Mist's wireless solution —
to the PivIT Portfolio.”

– Troy Jacobsen, Co-Founder & Sales Director


About Juniper
Juniper Networks is a strong competitor in the network infrastructure segment, with a competitive portfolio that includes the cloud data center market. PivIT Global continues to embrace their obsession: driving simplicity, and we proudly support their line-up of switches, routers, firewalls, and optics.

Juniper switches provide an ideal combination of performance and technical innovation, delivering cutting-edge technology to drive efficiency through dense networking fabrics requiring heavy bandwidth. Juniper is consistently referenced by Garner as a marketing leader in their performance and effectiveness.

Juniper’s Small Business Routers provide cutting-edge capabilities and security features at an affordable price - developed to meet enterprise needs for scalability and cost-effectiveness. If you are an enterprise, cloud provider, or service provider, Juniper has the solution to suit your needs.

And it gets better….

About Mist
Founded in 2014, Mist built the world’s first AI-driven wireless platform, making Wi-Fi more predictable, reliable and measurable by providing unprecedented visibility into the user experience and replacing manual IT tasks with consistent automation. In addition, Mist uses patented virtual Bluetooth® LE technology in conjunction with Wi-Fi and IoT to deliver cost-effective and personalized location-based wireless services to customers, such as indoor wayfinding, proximity notifications, traffic analytics and asset tracking. All operations are managed via Mist’s modern cloud architecture for maximum scalability, agility, and performance.

Mist is quickly becoming the WLAN standard for enterprise customers across numerous industries, and the Mist team includes leading experts in wireless, cloud, and machine learning, who are responsible for building the largest and most advanced networks in the world.


"The team at Mist is excited to partner with PivIT Global.
PivIT's deep bench of experienced sales reps and
loyal customer base are an ideal fit."
- John Gichuru, Partner Account Manager, Mist

Why They Came Together
The acquisition expands Juniper’s presence in the growing cloud-managed segment of the wireless networking market, and further enables Juniper to extend cloud-based management and AI-drive visibility ("AI for IT") across the end-to-end enterprise network (from access to the WAN) with the result of improving user experience and lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). With Mist, Juniper creates a market leading solution: driving the cloud transition within the enterprise.

Proud to Partner with Juniper Mist:
Juniper and Mist, along with PivIT, all share a common strategic goal: a core belief in Software-Defined Networking, with a focus on bringing AI to IT to simplify operations and improve the customer experience — all while lowering costs.

Perhaps this now raises a question in how you view your current IT network: “Am I ready for a wireless refresh?” As you’re looking ahead to Quarter 3 and wonder if a Juniper/Mist solution might be your answer, let us help you navigate through the process. We have demo units available to help get you engaged and started on your way. Let us show you how!

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