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Dec 10, 2020 10:10:37 PM

The Pay IT Forward Project is back for Holiday 2020 - and beyond!  

Pay IT Forward Lyndsey 2

Last year at Christmas, we launched the Pay IT Forward Project.  We weren't sure how it would land with our customers, but we thought it was a pretty stellar idea.  Well, you let us know —loud and clear —how much you loved it, so it's BAAAACK! 

This year we're partnering with CADA of Santa Barbara, CA and Holla Mentors of Portland, OR--both organizations are doing amazing work to help mentor and fund STEAM camps and classes for at-risk kids.  So now, in lieu of PivIT Christmas gifts, we're leveraging our greater PivIT family (YOU!) to make a huge impact for these stellar organizations that fan a passion for IT careers in underprivileged kids of all ages.   

But it doesn't just stop with Holiday 2020.  Now, when you place an order with PivIT any time of the year, you can feel good knowing a portion of that sale is going CADA or HOLLA. 

You are making a difference when you buy from PivIT Global.

It's simple:  Every time you buy anything from PivIT, a portion of that money goes straight to helping end the cycle of poverty by introducing kids to IT subjects at both CADA and Holla Mentors

Buying IT has never felt so good. See how we're doing more than just IT.

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