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What is the OneCall Lifetime Warranty?

When you buy your gear from PivIT, you've got the power of OneCall on your side for when things go sideways, and for as long as you own the gear.

At PivIT Global, we obsess over our quality and constantly strive to make that a priority and stand behind our products. We are proud to include our OneCall Lifetime Warranty with all hardware purchases, including PivIT Optics & Cabling.

If there’s something wrong with an item from PivIT, we will do everything we can to make it right. With the OneCall Lifetime Warranty, let us know what's going on with your gear by opening a warranty claim and we'll send out an advance-replacement to you at no additional cost, we'll even send you a return label and all packing materials necessary to get the failed device back to us.

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How the OneCall Lifetime Warranty Works


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