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Arista Networks Wins a Power Play at the Edge

Arista Networks is an industry leader in cognitive cloud networking for mission-critical data center and campus environments. Arista is focused on lowering power consumption and your footprint in the data center along with scalable, high-performance, and ultra-low latency cloud networks – exactly the things that make Arista a Gartner leader for Cloud and Data Center Networking. A long-time leader in the data center, Arista has recently made a play to the edge with striking success. At PivIT Global, we’re thrilled to welcome Arista to the edge. You’re going to want to incorporate this superior technology into your core or edge networks as needs arise.

Providing an open, programmable switching fabric across data centers, cloud platforms, and edge locations, Arista’s bread and butter is the Extensible Operating System (EOS). Responsible for the company’s growth, both the EOS and switching platform has helped cloud providers build their networking infrastructure. They are not only seen in the cloud–Arista Networks recently made a stand with the 720XP Leaf Switch in a bake-off with one of our clients. Their switching portfolio has expanded into campus and branch offices, as they are making an impact on the industry.

Product Highlight

Delivering wire speed connectivity for all campus user workloads, the 720XP meets the demands of IoT enabled campuses. The leaf switch provides up to 5G PoE downlink and 25G SFP28 and 100G QSFP. With cognitive real-time Flow Trackers for CloudVision, IPFIX, and sFlow the 720XP captures key performance metrics of infrastructure, device, application, and user data for SLA monitoring and troubleshooting. Arista's 10+ years of being a leader in the data center is bringing those talents to the edge with the 720XP and other products.

As networks expand, the demand environments are calling for are more than 1Gb of throughput. The 720XP's mGig capabilities allow clients to utilize 10mb, 100mb, 1G, 2.5G, and 5G throughput speeds to scale with today's needs. With 25G and 100G uplinks, the runway needed for future growth requirements is provided for an incredibly scalable solution.

Arista - for MM (4)


When it comes to infrastructure in today’s landscape, efficiency is what everyone is looking towards. The 720XP dual load-sharing power supply options (650W and 1050W), N+1 cooling, and priority power assignment along with other key features, this switch helps power supply efficiency remain. The backbone of the 720XP, the Cognitive Management Plane, provides telemetry APIs to simplify and automate deployment and maintenance. These key characteristics of the 720XP helped it win the bake-off with one of our clients.

Automation is just one of many focus points for next-generation data centers and cloud networks. Arista’s EOS is Linux-based with a unique multi-process state sharing architecture that separates state information and packet forwarding from protocols and application logic. Some key features of the operating system bring scalability to your needs, structured set of APIs, visibility into application performance, and self-healing resiliency for minimum downtime. Arista Networks adopted five key attributes to serve their users best.

    • Available Architecture
    • Agile Work-X
    • Automation
    • Analytics
    • Any Cloud API
As there are more players in the game at the edge, Arista position themselves in several potential avenues in your network. Their open networking approach brings innovation back to the table when designing your next move whether it is a system refresh, data center consolidation, or looking to extend your network. Check out how you can find the Cognitive Campus 720XP Leaf switch at the edge of your network, or chat more about what shifts are happening.

Our Virtual Labs Tool, Now with Arista

We’re excited about the technology Arista continues to bring to the table and are equally excited to announce that as of today, you can now find Arista switch images in our Free Virtual Labs. Book your lab time today to dive into this sweet new tech and test out your theories for incorporating it into your own networks. In addition to the new Arista lab, there are four pre-defined Cisco routing and switching labs of various engineering levels and a final lab that is 100% undefined to let you test out ideas, prove your concepts, study for other certifications and more, including how Arista Switches play with your current ecosystem.

As Arista Networks disrupts the market with their infrastructure and innovation, we’re here to support your teams as you disrupt industries of your own - let us know how we can help you with your next Arista need by reaching out today!

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