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COVID-19: How PivIT Global Is Responding

This message was originally sent in an email from Justin Sparks, to all stakeholders of PivIT Global on 4/1/2020.

As we begin a new month amid unfamiliar and uncertain circumstances, first and foremost, please know that our thoughts are with you and yours during these difficult times.

Having said that, I want you to know that we are actively working with customers and our team members to continue to support the unique needs of our customers during these unique times. We’ve seen you, our customers, do some incredible things with the products we provide and we're working tirelessly to ensure our ability to continue to provide much needed infrastructure to you and your teams.

Actions We’ve Taken

Industry Specific Resources: Essential industries are even more essential than ever before during these tumultuous times, due both to the quick emphasis on remote work for employees and to the added demand for their products and services. To help, we’ve put together a COVID-19 Response Center with specific resources for the industries outlined below:

  • Healthcare Providers & Laboratories
  • Financial Services and Fin-Tech
  • K-12 & Higher Education

In addition to industry specific resources, we’ve introduced special pricing, buyback options and shipping cost mitigation offerings to help those on the front lines of this pandemic.  

24/7 Live Chat: As part of our COVID-19 response, we’ve expanded our contact centers around the globe to provide local 24/7/365 sales and technical support to anyone who needs it. Our contact centers are located in Portland, OR; Quezon City, PH;  Dublin, IE & Islamabad, PK and are now equipped to provide round-the-clock support to those in need. To talk with one of our support agents, please click here to open our COVID-19 Response Center live chat tool.

Financial Support: As we announced on our LinkedIn page last week, we’ve expanded our existing partnerships, and added new partnerships, with financial institutions with specificity in financing information technology equipment for short and long term use. To learn more about these partnerships or to talk to one of our financing specialists about your options during these times where demand is high but purse-strings are tight, click here.

New Offerings and Free Tools

We have made changes to our roadmaps for a few tools we’ve been working tirelessly on for quite some time. While these tools will be changing over time since we have decided to release them early, we hope that these Beta versions will help you in your efforts:

Virtual Lab Environment: Take advantage of pre-built labs to continue your certification learning or our proof-of-concept environments to virtualize your networks, test out ideas and more FOR FREE! To sign up for the beta, click here - or learn more here.

Network Tower Defense Game: We know first hand how important balance and mental health are, now more than ever. Our NTD Game started as a fun project we created for our employees to have some fun and take a break & is loosely based on high-level networking principles. We partnered with our friends at bencinStudios in Nashville, TN to make the game and have decided to release the game for FREE to anyone who wants to play! Click here to learn more about the game and play it - totally free!

Remote Staging & Configuration Environments: Something we’ve done since we opened our doors at the request of our customers is offer the ability to configure and stage their hardware before we ship it to their field locations. With the recent events and the need for streamlined efficiency from your teams, we’ve decided to formalize the offering and allow anyone to take advantage of the ability to completely configure gear from afar before it is deployed to your locations.  To learn more about the remote staging environment, please click here.

Changes to Our Work

Like many of you, the majority of our team has been displaced from our offices and most are working from home in an effort to mitigate risk to our employees. This is a big change for us! We’ve also made adjustments to the way our teams at our warehouses and distribution centers work while limiting the impact to our operations. To learn more about what we’re doing to protect you and our employees, please visit our COVID-19 Response Center for the most up-to-date information.

A Promise To Our Stakeholders

As we say all the time, we opened the doors of PivIT Global to help IT teams Do IT Better always, and especially during times like these of heightened need and emphasis on the products and services our customers provide. 

First and foremost, to our employees, we couldn't do anything without you. Because of that, we have taken aggressive measures to protect you and we appreciate your willingness to adapt and change the way you work to protect yourselves, your colleagues and our external stakeholders, vendors and customers.  We will continue to be aggressive in our response and ask that you monitor the company wiki and your emails for changes and updates as they happen.

To our customers, we are here for you and are working tirelessly to help you meet your needs, temporary and long-term. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to our team using the form on this page, by emailing your account executive, using our live-chat tool or by emailing us anytime at hello@pivitglobal.com.

And finally, to our stakeholders, vendors, incredible partners and OEMs - we’re all in this together. If there’s anything we can do for you, please let us know. 

We welcome your questions, concerns, suggestions and feedback however is best and easiest for you to provide it. We read your feedback and actively use it as we plan for the future to help you Do IT Better. I, along with our entire team across the globe, wish you the best of health and safety for now and, with you, we look forward to better times ahead.


Justin Sparks

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