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Why Foster Care as PivIT’s Social Impact

At PivIT, one of the core values includes going beyond IT. While it’s been our focus to empower businesses on the back of reliable infrastructure, it’s also been a motivation to make efforts for the greater good beyond our business goals. And one of the things the PivIT team is passionate about, including the founders, is foster care.

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An Initiative Close to Our Hearts 

In 2020, over 213,000 children entered foster care in the US, many of whom faced maltreatment and neglect in their homes. Foster care plays a vital role in saving the children of our country and providing them with the love and care they deserve. But it’s something closer to heart for PivIT. 

Mike McKay, sales director and one of four founding partners of PivIT Global, was recently asked about the company's values. 

“Since PivIT’s inception, part of our mission statement and our core values was to be about more than just IT. We wanted a way in which our values could align with organizations impacting our local communities,” said Mike McKay, sales director and one of four founding partners of PivIT Global.

“The obvious choice for the team was to support foster children through partnering with these organizations that wrap their arms around the needs of foster kids. This has been a special endeavor as it has been part of my family’s story because my wife and I adopted three kids through the foster system. It’s something we enjoy being a part of. And obviously, foster kids are near and dear to our hearts,” McKay added.

The Chance for PivIT Clients to Take Center Stage

PivIT has also taken the initiative to help foster kids by getting clients involved. With the Pay IT Forward program, PivIT allows its clients to contribute to a charity with a portion of the sale. This initiative has also helped empower underprivileged teens to get out of poverty with after-school programs where they acquire new skills and find a career. 

We have partnered with organizations like Angels Foster Care, Every Child PDX and Tennessee Kids Belong to provide the necessary care and help to foster children. 

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Help PivIT Help Foster Children

Many children who end up in foster care come from troubled homes. They can use every bit of help to find a stable, kind, and loving home. Abuse and trauma during childhood can have long-lasting effects, and foster care plays a pivotal role in saving these children from abusive or neglected homes. 

Although foster care is primarily supposed to be temporary, many children need long-term care and stay in foster homes until they become adults legally. And it’s no secret that foster care programs in the country have been lacking resources for a while now. 

A 2020 survey by the Urban Institute revealed serious gaps in foster programs. Any contribution towards this cause helps the organizations responsible for providing care to arrange the necessary resources to get these kids a forever home. 

But there’s a lot more that needs to be done, and PivIT wants to be a part of that as a corporation and a group of individuals who take this cause very seriously.

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