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HPE Nimble Storage is Highlighted at PivIT Global

The HPE Nimble partnership expands HPE's leadership position in the high-growth flash storage market to create a comprehensive, leading-edge storage portfolio. It's a combination of solutions working together to accelerate the growth of Nimble Storage while leveraging HPE's broad go-to-market operation. This combination is one of many aspects to this partnership that excites PivIT to support HPE-Nimble. Have a look at Gartner's placing of HPE Nimble and their all flash arrays. 

HPE Nimble's platform goes beyond making storage "easy to manage". It's an effortless all-flash storage and resilient hyperconverged control that gives you a flash performance at a hard drive price. Today we are excited to announce and highlight HPE Nimbles All-Flash Storage and Hyperconverged Products.

All Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble all-flash arrays store all your data in solid state flash drive technology, resulting in high performance across all reads and writes. They are designed fro mid-sized companies and departments within larger enterprises. For example, the AF20 All Flash Array 23TB Bundle features simplicity with cloud-based analytics. The AF20 provides a holistic view across the infrastructure stack to resolve problems beyond just storage making your total infrastructure smarter and more reliable by learning from the installed base. Each flash array is scale-to-fit to maintain performance and capacity. Through the scale-to-fit feature, you can manage up to four arrays as one.

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Disaggregated HCI extends hyperconvergence to workloads with unpredictable growth, scaling compute and storage independently. Free yourself to focus on apps rather than infrastructure as hypercoverged control make it simple to deploy, manage, scale, and support. The dHCI control collapses storage and compute silos and all data services can be managed in VMware's vCenter. In our next OEM Spotlight, we'll be highlighting VMware and their full offerings. In the meantime, you can learn more about dHCI on HPE Nimble's OEM Page.

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PivIT Global supplies sector-leading IT infrastructure, hardware maintenance services, and technical support. We provide custom-designed solutions to meet our clients’ requests for advantageous product pricing matched with supply-lifecycle customer care. Learn more about PivIT's partnership with HPE Nimble here.

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