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Ruckus: Pushing Boundaries of Wireless Networks and Communication Tech

Just last year CommScope made a strategic business decision to acquire Ruckus and Arris, bringing expertise in wireless network infrastructure and communication technology. The combined companies provide a strong lineup of greater technology, solutions, and industry talent across the board. This acquisition caught PivIT’s attention, knowing Ruckus’ innovation in the wireless and wired technology space as it drives their APs, Controllers, and Switches. Here we uncover what PivIT is excited to bring to your network.

Ruckus Wireless APs

When connectivity really matters, Ruckus wireless APs step up to the plate. Diving into outdoor, for example, the Ruckus Q910 offers the highest CBRS capacity available in a fully-integrated, rugged outdoor package. Every Ruckus AP is packed with patented technologies that go beyond every day to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences.

SmartZone Network Controllers

Whether you’re building complex multi-geo networks on delivering multi-tier managed networking services, SmartZone network controllers deliver the scalability, flexibility, and openness to support the most sophisticated deployment scenarios. The Ruckus SmartZone 100 controller is a perfect fit for your mid-sized enterprise while the SmartZone 300 has the capabilities to support your large enterprise networking.

WLAN Controllers

The Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector is a centrally managed Smart Wireless LAN system developed specifically for small-to-medium enterprises. The ZoneDirector 1200 is perfect for businesses that want to offer services such as voice over WiFi, IP-based video, secure enterprise access, and tiered WiFi services. The WLAN controllers are equipped with SmartMesh wireless meshing that is self-organizing, self-optimizing, and self-healing. Automatic traffic redirection using WISPr for multi-site authentication for large-scale deployments is a key feature of these controllers. Chat with PivIT today about the WLAN controllers from Ruckus.

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