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Out-of-Band Management Partner Spotlight

Network outages are inevitable, so how do we protect against them? A solid approach is putting devices and hardware under mission-critical SLAs. Another is having a strong out-of-band management (OOBM) interface. Keeping availability when your network is down is the primary benefit of OOBM. Opengear management solutions is a veteran in this space with a 15+ year history. Their focus on network resilience to ensure business continuity is just the mindset you need when maximizing uptime. Here at PivIT Global, we’ve built this partnership with network resilience in mind, bringing our customers the latest in OOBM to securely manage those mission-critical devices and network components.

A Look at Opengear

Through their Smart Out-of-Band management offering, they help you manage, monitor, and restore your network remotely, even when your primary network is down. A prominent value is their network platform bringing you the management piece which provides an independent management network. This gives you secure access when troubleshooting or configuring your gear without sending someone to the site. Whether you’re working from Edge to Core, Opengear’s SmartOOB solution has you covered. Expect the accessibility you need to manage your critical infrastructure setting you and your network up for success now and in the future.opengear_logo_detail

Opengear’s innovative Lighthouse Centralized Management was recently recognized as a leader in the cloud security space. Its design for scalability, security, and focus on network automation are what leveraged the technology to be selected as an industry-leading solution. With this innovative solution matched with Opengear’s full OOBM portfolio, connect to your network at the most critical time, solving business problems while maximizing uptime.

Their portfolio doesn’t stop in the realm of Opengear. They were recently acquired by Digi. The merger builds a strong software and service lineup focusing on mission-critical networks. Each company has built its foundation in a variety of industries including financial services, digital communications, retail, manufacture, and agriculture. Whether you fit in one of these or not, our goal at PivIT Global is to bring you the solution to best fit your needs.

More About PivIT Global

Here at PivIT, we offer a fresh approach to sourcing, maintaining, and servicing your data center infrastructure. We’ve reimagined the status-quo and offer our customers strategies not found in the traditional IT channels. Our focus is to examine your CAPEX/OPEX limitations and present you with options to free up your budget, achieve your goals, and Do IT Better.

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