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Introducing the "Pay IT  Forward Project"

This post has been edited since its publication date with updated information.

"It's been projected that more than $1 Trillion will be spent on holiday gifts this year in the US alone... it also takes a lot less to do a whole lot of good for the US foster care system.  You may know that, as a company, we have chosen to make foster care communities our mission here at PivIT Global.

When we sat down with our team to discuss what we wanted to do to show our appreciation for you, our customers, we noticed that just like in years past, a basket with some cookies and a stick of salami just didn't do YOU justice... we wanted to do more... something meaningful.  So we decided to create the Pay IT Forward Project to invite you to take part in the very thing that makes us who we are: our mission.

The Pay IT Forward Project is an invitation for you to tell us how we should use the money we would have spent on a holiday gift!  We've chosen two fantastic charities, who we regularly support, for you to choose from and donate your holiday gift money to do a ton of good around the country.


In the coming days, our account executives will be sending out an email to their customers allowing them to choose the charity they'd like us to donate to. We wanted to give you some information the project and about each of the fantastic organizations we'll be donating to on behalf of our customers.

If you'd like to learn more about the Pay IT Forward project, we've published some great resources for you to learn more about the project and what we hope to accomplish with it - as well as more detailed information about how it all works.

Thank you for reading and partnering with us, and on behalf of our entire team here at PivIT Global, we wish you and yours a happy and safe holiday season.

Here's to a stellar 2020!

- Justin Sparks, Co-Founder & Managing Partner"

Read more about the 2019 Pay IT Forward Project here OR click here to learn more about the Pay IT Forward Project.

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