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PivIT Has Always Been Global, Now We're Multilingual

Isn't it frustrating when you want to onboard or train your team, but that team is on another continent and speaks another language? Or maybe even several languages.

Yeah, we get it. And we want to make your life easier, so PivIT Global is now multilingual!

We're Speaking Your Language(s)

First up: Latin American Spanish.  We've found top notch native Spanish speakers with deep IT industry knowledge.  These skilled translators are translating our content into Spanish, with new content rolling out every week. And you can expect to see even more languages in the coming months.  Also, next on the translation list: phone support and live chat.  

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Want to request a language translation?  Hit us up at hello@pivitglobal.com or chat with Pivy (our affectionate live chatbot) anywhere on our website.

Do you have teams and IT projects around the globe?  Did you know we can help you get the infrastructure you need, at the right price and the right time, wherever your teams are?  Then to make it even simpler on you and your team, PivIT can help you service and maintain all your remote gear. Want to see what all your options are with PivIT Global?

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