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Dell and Nvidia Partnership Eyes Gen AI Revolution With Solutions

Tech vendors are shifting focus to produce hardware and software catering to artificial intelligence. The success of large language models (LLMs) like GPT4 (ChatGPT) has ushered in an era of hardware revival. As these models require compute-rich infrastructure, vendors are stepping up to provide enterprises with that level of power. 

Dell has made multiple announcements in 2023, introducing AI-related products and services. And it’s not the only manufacturer doing so as the race for AI supremacy heats up. However, it’s a step in the right direction, as one survey showed that enterprise IT leaders feel their current infrastructure isn’t enough for AI. 

In this article, we will discuss the following:

  • Dell’s new AI products and services.
  • The Dell and NVIDIA partnership.
  • How it can help enterprises achieve their generative AI goals.

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Dell and NVIDIA Partnership

In May 2023, Dell announced its partnership with the GPU maker NVIDIA to offer on-premise generative AI solutions for enterprises. Using cutting-edge hardware and software offerings from their lineups, the two companies aim to bring a ready-to-use AI solution, allowing companies with an on-prem data center to leverage their data for deep learning and inference. 

Named Project Helix, the collaboration will bring Dell’s PowerEdge series servers and NVIDIA’s H100 Tensor GPUs and networking software. This setup will also support object data with Dell’s object storage equipment, such as Dell PowerScale or Dell ECS. 

Ideal for large enterprises with vast amounts of data to train on, this service will be billed later based on a consumption model. It can be helpful for enterprises in various industries that want to tap the potential of generative AI by training their own LLMs on their data. 

On NVIDIA’s part, this is just another collaboration to make the company a frontrunner in the AI market. As GPUs are pivotal in AI computations, equipment manufacturers rely on NVIDIA’s chips to deliver high-performing appliances. 

Dell is providing validated designs for AI, primarily using its products with NVIDIA’s. From conversational AI to machine learning operations (MLOps), enterprises with ambitious generative AI goals can capitalize on these validated designs and invest in the company's hardware. 

Dell Services for Generative AI

The company also offers full-stack implementation services for enterprises looking to realize their validated designs. The well-researched and tested configurations in the validated designs will be implemented through Dell from start to finish. 

The full service also includes an early-stage generative AI strategy to help enterprises understand their requirements and set achievable goals. 

Besides the strategy, design, and implementation services, the company also provides valuable educational materials. 

In other words, Dell is offering a comprehensive set of generative AI services, which is a big win for the company regarding the sale of its hardware. While enterprises can choose to use their services, even if they don’t, they’ll need to use Dell’s equipment should they select their validated designs. 

Dell Computers With Built-In AI Capabilities

The Texas-based company is more famous for its computers than enterprise infrastructure. So, it’s only befitting that they invest to bring AI to end users. They’re also working on making their computers more AI-ready so enterprise users, especially those working remotely, can benefit from using AI applications on their machines. 

Their software, Dell Optimizer, has gotten an AI makeover, as it now uses AI to optimize processes and applications on Dell laptops. One study revealed that the software improved application performance and battery life while speeding up data transfer. 

Targeting enterprise hardware and computers provides companies interested in AI with a whole suite of products to choose from. Those, combined with its managed services, make Dell a reliable provider of AI products and services. 

Unlike companies like Meta and Google that are working on AI models, Dell is taking a slightly different route (similar to that of Amazon) by providing the infrastructure to other companies to work with AI. 

Many large enterprises have the data to train and refine models but lack the physical infrastructure to support them. Dell is bridging that gap with its powerful servers containing NVIDIA GPUs. 

Tapping the Generative AI Buzz

Dell, NVIDIA, and several other technology vendors are accelerating their efforts to offer enterprises products and services to enable machine learning. These innovations present a unique opportunity for enterprises in different sectors to benefit from generative AI. 

It’s essential to take a step back and analyze how this technology can benefit your business goals. Generative AI has immense potential. However, the investment in hardware and software to adopt this AI technology is also pretty significant. 

You can fine-tune the existing LLMs on-site using the data you already have. This is particularly useful for enterprises with sensitive data stored on-premise that can’t be risked moving to the cloud or off-site. The use cases may vary based on business and industry, but the goal is to derive value from structured and unstructured data. 

The generative AI market is projected to cross $200 billion by 2030, showing it has value-adding potential for businesses. 

Keeping Up With the Technology

If you want to adopt generative AI and use machine learning with your proprietary data, you’ll need powerful hardware to support these endeavors. Dell's new AI products and services, including the Dell and NVIDIA partnership, can help enterprises achieve their generative AI goals.

Dell’s PowerEdge servers are designed for compute-intense AI applications, making them a perfect choice for enterprises looking to take the leap and adopt the technology. 

PivIT can help your enterprise adopt AI with the right equipment. Prepare your on-prem data center and network to handle AI workloads effortlessly by refreshing your servers and storage with the latest AI-ready offerings from Dell and other prominent vendors.

With years of experience in procurement and a global network of suppliers, PivIT can help procure the best hardware for your AI ambitions. 

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