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Is Your IT Budget a Case of 'Money's Too Tight to Mention?'

You’d love to have the money to buy new hardware, but in today's quarantined world people have seen budgets tightening up—again! Meanwhile, you still have to somehow deliver the up-time and infrastructure performance your company expects and needs. How are you going do that when you were hoping to replace that legacy network hardware with new equipment this year? Here are some options to consider.

Review Your Current Network

Take stock of your current system, and identify the legacy network hardware you have in place and how well it performs. Some IT hardware might appear to perform perfectly, but the fact is it can present disadvantages that carry a higher cost than you realize. If your tell yourself you are too busy to take stock of your equipment, there is a solution. PivIT's professional services arm, EXTEND has 3 levels of staff to meet your needs whether it's inventory, system check, or testing your legacy equipment.

Leveraging the balance between new and legacy hardware can make or break your budget capabilities. We highlight strategies to extend the useful life of your existing network infrastructure here.

Overall, by sticking with legacy network hardware you're saving time and money when it comes to shopping for new hardware. This strategy reduces time wasted with training around new equipment and its implementation. 

3 Workable Ways to Save Money

Control over you IT budget would help you operate most effective though it isn't always possible. We've highlighted three way to maximize the benefit you get out of the budget at-hand. These three approaches might take a bit more effort, but they’re entirely possible and you’ll be surprised how much bang you can actually get for every buck.

#1: Get Money Back on Old Items 

Yes, it is possible to squeeze blood out of a rock. In many cases, your legacy network hardware can be part of a buy-back program, which offers credit towards new purchases. PivIT's professional services department, EXTEND, has an ITAD team focusing on Asset Recovery, Data Destruction, Asset Relocation, Valuations, and more. Get in touch with our EXTEND team today to get money for legacy equipment as well as the replacement system suitable for your network.

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#2: Take a Customized Approach

Taking a hybrid approach that includes using a refurbished IT infrastructure alongside new technology can make a huge difference. If you have the right expertise available, you can buy only the new equipment you really need. A company, such as PivIT Global, that stocks a large amount of inventory comprised of both new and legacy IT hardware is able to help you save 40% to 60% off the OEM list price, even if some of the parts are older models. Through certified refurbished programs, PivIT Global has access to quality equipment at a much more suitable price than OEM list price with lifetime warranty! PivIT works with you to take a customized approach not only for hardware, but maintenance as well. Our third-party maintenance offering, OneCall, has a team ready to answer your questions, build your own coverage, and manage your IT assets with simplicity.

#3: Put a Maintenance Plan in Place

Having a comprehensive maintenance plan can make a world of difference to your legacy system. By using a qualified, third-party maintenance (TPM) provider, you’ll save the time and costs associated with handling updates and changes, especially when these need to be customized for your system. Maintenance vendors typically have a wide range of expertise available to them, so you’ll completely bypass the need to train staff to support your system.

In addition, if you use the same company for third party maintenance that handled your refurbishment and new hardware installations in the first place, their technical staff will have an intimate knowledge of exactly how your system is configured. This will help speed up resolution of problems, lower your labor costs, and boost your system’s uptime and success. We're here to meet your needs, not make your fit a mold. At OneCall, we tailor-made coverage for your networks. We even made a portal, OneHUB, free for anyone to use because it was just too helpful to keep to ourselves. Manage your assets, connect with TAC agents 24/7, build a coverage plan unique to your needs, and gain access to global sparing locations.

Do more with what you have and stick to that tight IT budget, by considering a multi-faceted approach to managing your legacy network.

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