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Adding Field Services to Your IT Projects to Fill Gaps

Let’s think back to the end of 2019, when you were planning for 2020. You couldn’t have planned for what the year has resulted in, let alone adjust. There have been projects put on the back burner, new problems to be tended to, and your environment has completely changed. The company’s new office has to be put on pause, the pandemic stirred up things you didn’t even know could be stirred up, and other than moving your workspace to your home, your team was cut. According to IDC, just 4 months into the year the world projects enterprise IT spending will drop 5% in 2020 overall. Though when looking at Gartner projections, they are upwards of 8%! This 8% can be detrimental as IT budgets have been on the downturn with the direction of operations going to the cloud. With this shift, Gartner advises to minimize investments while prioritizing operations that keep businesses running.

By prioritizing operations, this often is pushing to a new mindset for the industry as a whole. At PivIT Global, we support this new mindset by helping you find new ways to win in your company that ultimately boost your bottom line in your IT Departments. What does this ‘new mindset’ entail? The first thing 2020 taught us is that we can challenge planning for the unplanned. What we’ll dive into below is when companies plan for the unplanned, it is more than just a retainer in your budget or line item on the account. There is a strategy to build when controlling the unplanned. Here is a hint: It doesn’t have to be expensive! We’ll also address gaps and holes you may have faced or see on the horizon, and share a useful tool to develop a strategy. The strategy will come into play as research analysts predict the spending levels we saw in 2019 will not be exceeded until 2023, so how do we gear up until then?

Expecting (and planning for) the Unexpected

Although budgets and spending saw a cut of 8% overall (according to Gartner) , some companies lost up to half of their budgets! Along with those budget cuts, teams have faced cuts to their teams’ headcount. This decrease in size comes as the cloud becomes more prominent and new technologies such as hyperconverged infrastructure begin to play a major role. In the world we live in today, we are being forced to strategize in a new way with different tools, and ultimately have a plan for the seemingly unplannable. The goal is to not be caught off guard, especially when the emergencies we’ve seen in 2020 are on the far ends of the range of happen-stances; be it an optic change or a pandemic shift.

Table 1. Worldwide IT Spending Forecast (USD Million)

Source: Gartner (July 2020) 2019 Spending 2020 Spending 2021 Projections
Data Center Systems 210,053 (+0.6%) 188,365 (-10.3%) 200,094 (+6.2%)
Enterprise Software 476,687 (+11.6%) 449,506 (-5.7%) 482,666 (+7.4%)
Devices 711,525 (-0.3%) 596,914 (-16.1%) 611,303 (+2.4%)
IT Services 1,040,263 (+4.8%) 969,438 (-6.8%) 1,023,179 (+5.5%)
Communications Services 1,372,236 (-0.6%) 1,326,492 (-3.3%) 1,366,419 (+3.0%)
Overall IT 3,810,764 (+2.3%) 3,530,714 (-7.3%) 3,683,661 (+4.3%)


When we look at the expense of unplanned circumstances, they tend to be high. A last minute problem and an immediate fix is often astronomical in cost and scope, especially when mission critical. It doesn’t have to be that way! With the right service, you can solve more problems than the one at hand. There tends to be more gaps and holes when a problem arises, and the good news is that it is possible to fill each gap and repair each hole with the right field service team. For example, your team may not be onsite to fix a problem in your data center. They could even be a day’s trip from the data center--or even the office, given the new reality of WFH. Field Services is your go-to when addressing a problem as such, and share how we can come alongside your team when planning for the unplanned and filling gaps.

Filling Gaps

Enough wallowing in what 2020 has been.  Let’s focus on how you’ve filled gaps thus far, and plan to through the end of 2020 and 2021! When PivIT created EXTEND, it was built to fill gaps and plug holes, but 2020 showed us just how large these gaps and holes can be for a company.  EXTEND exists to act as an extension of your existing IT teams and to allow your team to leverage the global reach that you need in 2020. A perfect example being  SmartHands by EXTEND, giving you a team of engineers who come alongside your management to complete any project from asset management to data destruction, configurations to wireless site surveys, and more. As mentioned above, there is a lot more than just the problem or project at hand. We also realize you are the brain behind each project, so our SmartHands engineers are there to act as an extension of your established IT team.

Above & Beyond Traditional IT Professional Services

In the Pre-Staging and Configuration stages we have a team of in-house engineers ready to get your gear configured for your network needs. Expertise level ranges from a Level 1 engineer who can set the equipment up as it needs configurations (ie. plugging the servers into the VPN) to Level 3 engineer where you can consult with an engineer for any degree of engineering or architecture questions you may have. When this new gear arrives onsite, we understand you may not have the capability to be there. An engineer can be sent to help install, remove, or help in any capacity. 

ITAD & Asset Management

Staying within compliance is an absolute necessity in today’s world. Not only must you properly dispose of equipment after decommissioning the gear, but information and data is precious. We will guarantee secure hardware processing is complete and to your satisfaction. When decommissioning assets, EXTEND will provide a certificate of destruction if necessary or will work with you to clear sensitive data  and if the hardware is eligible offer a credit towards your new piece of equipment through our Buyback Program.

The 5 Certainties to Jump Start 2021

We’ve all lived through 2020, but the results and effects are very different for each company… needless to say we’re all bracing for January to come back around. Our EXTEND team is excited to share the research behind companies that have seen positive outcomes from the pandemic so far through the use of EXTEND Field Services. If your team or budget has been reduced at any capacity, you have plans whether big or small for 2021, or you’re looking to fill some gaps that have been created due to 2020 circumstances, this webinar is for you! Click here to save your seat!

Set Yourself Up for Success

With a shrinking budget along with cloud strategy and remote management we understand your staffing footprint is shrinking to, even before the pandemic set in. Lean on EXTEND to bring the capabilities to your data center where you don’t have the employee placement. Whether you need to consolidate data centers, install all infrastructure for a new office, or any project you have on the docket, your strategy should include EXTEND Field Services. 

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