How to add assets into OneHUB

Generally, we’ll help you get your assets uploaded into OneHUB prior to your coverage start date but if you ever need to add assets manually, here's your step by step guide.

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  1. Firstly, get yourself logged into the portal and locate the “Assets” tab at the top menu, in between “Dashboard” and “Contracts”.
  2. Click into your “Assets” tab. Here you’re given a high level overview of your assets and the status of them. All assets are grouped by their respective contracts. 
  3. Navigate to the “Add a New Asset” option at the bottom of the page.
  4. After clicking into “Add a New Asset”, fill out the provided form. When you’ve entered the required info, click “Submit” to add your asset to OneHUB.
  5. Once you click "Submit" your new asset data will be immediately populated in the assets column. 

NOTE: Any user added assets will not have the ability to open tickets. Opening support tickets and TAC engagements will only be available per contract and asset SLA added prior to coverage start date. 

Hopefully this provide you the direction you needed, and if not, we are always happy to help further. Use this link to schedule a call with a OneHUB specialist.