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Introducing: The PivITEdge

Most all of us are looking forward to 2021 – what a year it has been – but we've still got a little ways to go! This is not your typical End-of-Year company update post, but rather highlights something we are excited to bring you. In fact, we were so excited about it – we pushed out the first one in November with a second coming out in a few short days. Today, we introduce the PivITEDGE. We believe it is important to keep you up-to-date with how we help you Do IT Better. The PivITEDGE is not meant to waste your time, but rather give you a quick glimpse into changes we’ve made that benefit you, our customer. We’ll highlight the previous PivITEDGE so you won’t feel like you missed anything as well as what is to come this month and into 2021.

November PivITEDGE

We've Lowered Your Shipping Rates...Again!

Our operations and logistic teams have been hard at work to get you even better rates on shipping when you buy gear from PivIT! Click here to view the video and read about your new shipping rates!

Must-Have Services When Configuring Gear

You want to be designing, configuring, and adding value to your systems, not worrying about logistics. We've outlined three services you must have to get in the driver's seat of managing your network.  Click here for a video preview and more!

OneHUB Gets a BIG Makeover!

We created OneHUB to help engineers and managers oversee their IT environment, and streamline asset management and ticket escalations. Now you're asking,  "can it do more?"

Help Us Welcome Arista to the Free Virtual Labs!

As Arista makes its own push to the edge of your networks, you can find a new Arista ACE-A Certification Practice Environment in our Free Virtual Labs!

Buying IT Has Never Felt So Good.

Pay IT Forward is PivIT's on-going social impact strategy launched in 2020. Every time you buy anything from us, 1% of the proceeds goes directly to two chosen organizations serving at-risk children to fan a passion for IT careers in kids of all ages.

What to Expect

We understand, last month’s PivITEDGE was a bit of a long one. It was the first one, so give it a chance to blow you away. Our goal is to let you in on the most relevant changes to PivIT that helps you do your job and IT better. As you look for solutions from PivIT Global, subscribe to the PivITEDGE to take full advantage of changes we’ve made to suit your needs. Just enter your email above in the orange box on the right side of the screen! Here is what you can expect from the PivITEDGE.

1 (1)First things first, we want to keep in touch with you. No, this isn’t our gateway to spam you, but just a small reminder that we have your back whenever IT needs come up. We want to support you with the best hardware for your situation so that you don’t have to spend time coming back to us saying your network is down. Even when you hire us for maintenance and services, our goal is to maximize your network uptime. In that lag time of your network running efficiently and your next stop at PivIT Global, the PivITEDGE is there so you don’t miss out on any opportunities such as us lowering shipping costs. We are on your team, and the PivITEDGE is a quick and simple way to stay in touch.


1 (2)In light of helping you Do IT Better, the PivITEDGE will announce partnerships that we either want to highlight or recently built. We understand you do your homework to see what the best solution is out there and we want to streamline that process by highlighting our trusted partners to bring you that solution. Every network is different, and we believe remaining OEM agnostic is a best practice in meeting your unique network needs. Learn about our partnerships on the PivITEGDE.


1 (3)Lastly, here at PivIT we give you access to some awesome tools to Do IT Better. When a new update to our tools such as the Virtual Labs or Remote Configuration is available, we will let your know via the PivITEDGE. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to practice your networking skills or streamline or your hardware configuration process.

That’s all for the PivITEDGE. One way we hope to keep in touch with you while keeping you updated with what is happening on our side of things. Subscribe now to the PivITEDGE by commenting below "I want to subscribe to the PivITEDGE!" or entering your email above in the orange box on the right hand side!

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