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A Leader in Modernizing Your Data Center: VMware

Last August we put our spotlight on VMware and Silver Peak as they were recognized as Leaders in WAN Edge Infrastructure by Gartner. As VMware continues to provide digital foundation that unlocks new possibilities in data center modernization, we wanted to highlight their technologies and value they bring to the table in highly virtualized environments. Their 10-year collaboration with DellEMC has consistently led to unique, integrated service solutions that help simplify IT architecture. Here at PivIT, we are excited and proud to support VMware and their range of solutions.

VMware Technologies

As a global leader in the cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, VMware is known to keep your systems running - no matter the operating system. Their line up consists of WAN Edge Infrastructure, SD-WAN Strategies, Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), and more. 

As you are evaluating and exploring different providers for your SD-WAN strategy, WAN Edge, or HCI PivIT Global can help bring the best-of-breed and Gartner recommended OEM's to the table all while helping create alternative-deployment solutions to get the technology to the places you need it, ready for implementation right out of the box. 

VxRail - DellEMC & VMware

The VxRail appliance has full VMware powered integration and software defined data centers. The first on the market! As the industry moves towards Hyperconverged Infrastructure, it goes without saying that VMware will be a leader in the space as the VxRail helps simplify IT operations and delivers performance and reliability. Full lifecycle management is one of many key features that PivIT's team supports. If you're looking for speed and simplicity, the VxRail platform is built for you. To learn more about VMware, VxRail, or HCI in general, reach out to PivIT!

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