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Aruba Central Versus Juniper Mist AI Cloud Controller

In this decade, in place of traditional command-line-based network configuration, web-based configuration and management are more popular and scalable. The new cloud-based management provides more visibility and control over legacy systems. From a single point, you can manage and monitor wired, wireless, and branched networks.

The cloud management option has made things like policy changes, firmware updates, deploying new branches, live logs, and reporting much simpler. This blog will compare the Aruba Central cloud management controller and Juniper Mist microservices cloud controller.

Simplistic, AI-Powered Aruba Central Cloud Management Solution

Aruba Central is a robust cloud management solution that gives excellent simplicity to today's networks. It is a powerful cloud networking solution with AI-powered insights, workflow automation, and strong security that allows IT to manage and monitor campus, branch, remote, data center, and IoT networks from a single dashboard.

Aruba Central gives a single pane of glass for controlling every feature of wired and wireless LANs, WANs, branches, VPNs campus, and remote office locations. Artificial intelligence-based analytics, end-to-end orchestration and automation, and advanced security features are developed natively into the solution.

Live upgrades, robust reporting, and live chat support bring more efficiency to day-to-day maintenance activities. With the cloud-native microservices architecture, Aruba Central delivers on business requirements for scale and resiliency, but it is also driven by intuitive workflows and dashboards that make it an ideal fit for SMBs with limited IT staff.

So whether you have one site or several hundred, IT can consume less time managing a network infrastructure and more time generating value for the business.

Aruba Central Key Features

  • Centralized management of wired, wireless, SD-WAN, and VPN for simplified operations.
  • AI-based insights for more active troubleshooting and continuous network optimization.
  • Integration with Aruba UXI to proactively watch and enhance the end-user experience.
  • Advanced IDS/IPS threat defense management.
  • Contact tracing and location tracing to assure workplace protection.
  • APIs and webhooks for ease of integration with other OEM platforms.
  • AI-based search engine and live chat for an enhanced support experience.
  • On-premises, SaaS, and managed service options for flexible consumption and financing.

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Aruba Central Benefits

Aruba Central Cloud Controller Benefits

Innovative Juniper Mist AI Cloud Controller With AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Mist has made real innovation to the networking space with the world's first AI-driven wired and wireless network. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science techniques, the Juniper Mist AI cloud controller optimizes user experiences and simplifies operations across the wired access, wireless access, and SD-WAN domains.

Data can generate from various sources, including Juniper Mist Access Points, Switches, and Firewalls for end-to-end insight into user activities. The Mist AI cloud helps optimize user experiences from client-to-cloud, including network assurance, root cause identification, automated event correlation, proactive anomaly detection, Self-Driving Network operations, and more.

It also leverages Mist AI for next-generation customer support. It is the foundational component behind Marvis, the industry's leading AI-driven Virtual Network Assistant, which gives great insight and administration to IT staff by a natural language conversational interface.

With Mist AI, engineers save time with quicker problem resolution and less onsite work. Users get an advantage from a network infrastructure that is more reliable, predictable, and measurable. If you want to explore Mist AI, contact PivIT about demo units.

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Juniper Mist Cloud Controller Key Benefits

Juniper Mist AI Cloud Controller Key Benefits

Aruba Juniper Central and Mist AI Cloud Controller Head-to-Head Comparison


Mist AI Cloud

Aruba Central

Wired assurance

Measure wired experiences with Service Level Expectations (SLEs).

Support dynamic port config.

Port profiles support manual or dynamic config based on endpoint type.

Aruba Central gives insight into the wired experience.

Dynamic port config needs Clearpass and Mobility Controller with lock-in architectures.

Port profiles need some manual configs.

Core design

Cloud-based modern microservices architecture.

Scale from the smallest to the largest enterprise businesses for rapid updates.

Cloud-based Aruba Central for management and monitoring.
The controller-based architecture has multiple different clouds.
Aruba Central is the best choice for small-mid-size customers.


Elastic vertical and horizontal scale without requiring any hardware.

Scalable and no need for any hardware.


100% accessible through APIs. It supports complete IT automation, such as web alerts or ticketing.

Supports most well-known APIs, including new ArubaOS-CX based switches with APIs.

AI-driven location

Creation of probability surfaces in the cloud and ongoing, unsupervised machine learning to update the model constantly.

AI-based Wi-Fi connectivity insights give location details.

Service level monitoring

Realtime and inline SLEs for wired and wireless, including Throughput, Time to Connect, Roaming, Coverage, Capacity, AP Uptime, Switch Health.
User/site/device level monitoring.

Automatically surface and diagnose an array of common network-impacting issues by utilizing dynamic, per-site baselines. Built-in anomaly detection highlights the severity and impact of problems as they occur, helping IT pinpoint the root cause and proper remediation steps with 95% accuracy.

Dynamic packet capture

Proactively captures packets when an error issue happens in real-time.
Eliminates the need to reproduce issues.

Primarily manual.
Troubleshooting capabilities include live events, packet capture, logs, and rich command-line tools.

AI-driven support

When Marvis discovers a hardware malfunction in an AP, it can perform an automatic RMA reducing the burden of IT teams to escalate issues with the vendor.

AI Assist feature can automatically notify Aruba TAC of an issue; there's also an integrated 24x7 live chat for real-time Support.


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