Hunter Gorman

Hunter Gorman

Hunter is fascinated by complexity and loves things that change rapidly which makes IT a perfect industry for him to work in. Check out Hunter's team page or website using the links on this page and be sure to check out more of his publications on our blogs from this page!

Posts by Hunter Gorman

A Guide to Creating a Valuable IT Maintenance Strategy in 2020

it maintenance strategy guide smartnet network infrastructure data center asset spares

At the heart of it, IT lifecycle management and asset maintenance can get very complex - but when you're considering changes to your approach I think it's very simple... Can you quantify the value of your current strategy, or not? " - Erin Ohlgren, VP North American Sales If you're re …

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Extending the Useful Life of Your Existing Network Infrastructure

datacenter with legacy hardware

The strategy of “throwing money at” network maintenance by over-spending on new hardware is one of the primary reasons companies waste up to 50% of their preventative maintenance budgets. Even though new hardware can sometimes last longer, the newness of a piece of hardware only helps …

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PivIT Lives Out Its Mission Through Social Workers Awareness Month

social worker awareness month non-profit partners with pivit global

Just like healthcare workers, social workers are on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis across America.  While healthcare workers are caring for the sick and medically fragile, social workers are caring for the vulnerable children around our country, especially in times of crisis.

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Has the COVID-19 Coronavirus Affected Businesses? You Bet.

coronavirus impacts to business information technology IT industry pivit global hunter gorman

I write this blog post from my desk at home, the place I, interestingly enough, plan to work from for the foreseeable future. This virus is truly affecting the way we live, work and play - a change no one asked for or wanted. Just today, we saw major sporting leagues cancel games, pla …

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3 Resolutions for IT professionals that you can actually stick to!

new year resolutions for the IT professional by PivIT Global

As we start a new year and decade, there seems to be added emphasis on the resolutions that are set - 2020 is a big deal! The dawn of a new decade is a big deal too, regardless of what year it is, it's a chance to start anew - press reset - and really set the stage for how you want yo …

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