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Has the COVID-19 Coronavirus Affected Businesses? You Bet.

coronavirus impacts to business information technology IT industry pivit global hunter gorman

I write this blog post from my desk at home, the place I, interestingly enough, plan to work from for the foreseeable future. This virus is truly affecting the way we live, work and play - a change no one asked for or wanted. Just today, we saw major sporting leagues cancel games, pla …

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3 Resolutions for IT professionals that you can actually stick to!

new year resolutions for the IT professional by PivIT Global

As we start a new year and decade, there seems to be added emphasis on the resolutions that are set - 2020 is a big deal! The dawn of a new decade is a big deal too, regardless of what year it is, it's a chance to start anew - press reset - and really set the stage for how you want yo …

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