Your Maintenance Renewal And The Four Questions To Ask About It

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Dec 10, 2021 2:24:44 PM

Are your third-party maintenance (TPM) contracts fragmented and scattered? Are they rigid with little flexibility? Are you experiencing numerous renewal dates and variable restraints that are difficult to track and keep organized?

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one portal where you could manage your entire IT estate?

You're in luck. We built one with you in mind.

OneCall's powerful — and free! — management portal, OneHub, may be your perfect solution.

It's that time of year again...yes, holiday season, but also Maintenance Renewal Season. When it's time to review your IT maintenance strategy or to make a change, where do you begin? There's a lot to consider: SLA's, install locations, country-specific regulations, the cost of replacement spares, your network hardware...and on and on.

So before you close your computer, here are four questions you can ask yourself to avoid pitfalls and ensure you're on the path to quantifying the value of your current strategy.

Question One:
Does your current maintenance plan provide flexibility?
Despite their best efforts, few support providers offer a full life-cycle approach to IT asset maintenance. OneCall is able to craft unique solutions to meet the various needs of your networks. Whether it’s a short-term bridge contract, creative on-site sparing strategies or component level support — or anything in between — OneCall + OneHub can be your single source of truth for IT asset management.

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Question Two:
Does your maintenance solution support a hybrid strategy?
Maintenance is rarely a one-size-fits-all scenario. Are you able to keep OEM support in place on certain gear, while receiving support for legacy hardware? Using a hybrid approach lets your company take the best of both worlds--allowing you to leverage OEM support when it makes sense, and roll other gear onto your OneCall contract when that time comes. We get it--you need to maximize your coverage with a significant reduction in your investment.

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Question Three:

Can your maintenance solution provide a single pane of glass solution?
A PivIT case study of a global distributor customer found they suffered from multiple maintenance contracts that were fragmented and resource-intensive to manage. They needed a nimble and flexible team to support their needs with a Fix it First mentality. With OneCall, all of their IT maintenance contracts were consolidated into a single contract that reduced costs (by over $1m yearly in maintenance costs) and increased flexibility and accuracy.

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Question Four:
Does your maintenance strategy provide a sparing program that you can count on?

With OneCall's Sparing Integrity Program, we have onsite spares for remote sites throughout the US and Canada giving you 100% coverage with NBD and 4-hour SLAs. We provide the address where all your spares are stored in state-of-the-art facilities. With serial numbers in hand and the address of your depot, our start-to-finish guarantee ensures that your spare is setting on the shelf dedicated for you, in excellent working condition — and that it will arrive at your data center on time.

When evaluating changes to your strategy or creating a new strategy all together, having someone act as a partner to you can mean the difference between ensuring uptime or not - equating to real and significant losses if not done correctly.

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To learn more about having OneCall be your partner to navigate these questions - and others - click here.


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