Is Your Maintenance Plan Working for You?

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Jan 14, 2021 5:03:35 PM


Is Your IT Maintenance Plan Working for You?

The maintenance strategy that you follow has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line, but many maintenance managers have trouble selecting an appropriate strategy or overlook their approach altogether. It’s important to develop a mix of different strategies to properly maintain your assets and ensure that they remain in working order.

"At the heart of it, IT lifecycle management and asset
maintenance can get very complex - but when you're
considering changes to your approach I think it's very simple...
Can you quantify the value of your current strategy, or not?"

- Erin Ohlgren, VP North American Sales

There's a lot to consider when it comes to IT asset maintenance: SLAs, install locations (not to mention the complexities of country-specific regulations), age of your network hardware, the cost of replacement spares and more!

Three C's of IT Maintenance Strategy
To make sense of all of the strategy and nuance surrounding maintenance, our research team set out to look at how companies are making decisions about their approach to maintenance and came up the Three C's of IT Maintenance Strategy.

The first of the words is Coverage which looks definitively at maintenance providers' SLA's, locale and coverage areas, flexibility to meet complex needs of coverage and the mechanics of the coverage itself.

The second, Cost, takes a look into the what and the why behind the cost of coverage for both OEM maintenance and TPM. The researchers also examined cost-benefit-analysis methods from companies around the globe to create templates, referenced and provided as part of a webinar, to help companies examine their maintenance strategies and drill into the actual return on their investment.

Finally, Clarity looks at what maintenance providers (including OEMs) say their support products provide, and compares them to the actual methods and practices taken when delivering maintenance as a service to their customers. You can think of clarity as a simple question, "Is what you see what you get?" followed with, "Why or why not?"

When evaluating changes to your maintenance strategy (or creating a new strategy altogether), it's important that when you decide to work with someone, having that someone act as a partner to you can mean the difference in ensuring uptime or not — equating to real and significant losses if done incorrectly.

There is a seemingly infinite list of support providers out there and despite their best efforts, few come close to providing a full lifecycle approach to IT asset maintenance. PivIT's OneCall  is the only wholistic solution for your IT asset maintenance needs that can deliver each and every time on both a local and a global scale. 

To learn more about having OneCall be your partner to navigate these complex decisions, click here or check our Three C's of Maintenance webinar where we get specific to the ways companies are creatively covering their most critical infrastructure and more.

Visit our PivIT blog to read "A Guide to Creating a Valuable IT Maintenance Strategy"

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