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The Highly Scalable Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Chassis Switch

by Darin Knobbe, on May 13, 2021 2:10:29 PM

Cisco announces the Catalyst 9300 Series Chassis Switch as the new generation fixed access Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Non-PoE switch built for security, IoT, and the cloud. In this article, we will find out the inside scoop on the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches.

A Brief Breakdown of the Catalyst 9300 Series Switches

The Catalyst 9300 Series is a stackable enterprise switching platform that is built for security, IoT, mobility, and the Cloud and is optimized for speeds up to 10G copper and 10/25G fiber. The Catalyst 9300 switches form the foundational building blocks for Cisco DNA and Software-defined Access – Cisco's leading enterprise architecture. These switches are the industry's first optimized platform for Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2, with support for 1G/2.5G/5G/10G Multigigabit and dual-rate 25G/10G downlinks, 10G multigigabit, 100G/40G/25G/10G/1G uplinks, 90W Cisco UPOE+, Cisco UPOE, and PoE+.

The newest additions to the series are the 9300X 10/25G fiber switches. The 9300X models are the fixed access replacement for the Catalyst 3850XS series offering 1 Tb stacking bandwidth with 100G uplink options, enabling flexible deployments at the Access Layer.

Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Features and Benefits

The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series consists of fixed and modular uplink models with different port speeds and port densities to meet the ever-increasing performance of enterprise campus environments. Additionally, it provides an architectural foundation for next-generation hardware features and scalability. Here are a few of the features and benefits of the 9300 Series.

  • Provides support for the highest density of 90W UPOE+ and Wi-Fi 6 and 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, like the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series.
  • Includes a native Docker container and enhanced application hosting supporting ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents and DNA Spaces onboard, Audio Video Bridging (AVB), and Catalyst 9800 Series embedded wireless controller support.
  • Offers the most flexible uplink architecture with fixed 1-Gbps and 10-Gbps models (C9300L), as well as modular uplink models (C9300) with 1-Gbps, Multigigabit, 10-Gbps, 25-Gbps, and 40-Gbps options and high performance (C9300X) with 1-Gbps, Multigigabit, 10-Gbps, 25-Gbps, 40-Gbps, and 100G options.
  • Offers a choice of 25-Gbps/10-Gbps/1-Gbps fiber, Multigigabit (including 1, 2.5, 5, and 10 Gbps), 5-Gbps, 2.5-Gbps, 1-Gbps copper Ethernet switch models with up to 400-Gbps uplink bandwidth, and the industry-leading 1-Tbps stacking bandwidth solution.
  • StackWise-480 technology for stacking up to 12 units that act as a single platform, with support for the best NSF and SSO resiliency architecture for a stackable solution (sub-50 ms).
  • Only switching platform in the industry with front- and back-panel stacking support, optimizing it for a variety of deployments.
  • Protected by the E-LLW.

9300 catalyst is cloud, IoT, and mobility ready with integrated security

A Switch Solution for the Future

The world is fast changing. Your network needs to keep up with the demand for increased security, evolving IoT, Cloud, and mobility integration. The 9300 can certainly meet your needs, but if you aren't looking for the latest and greatest, new shiny object, we can find the solution to meet your needs. Get in touch with PivIT today to find the best solution for your switching platform. You can also head to our products tool where you can build a quote for the 3850 or 2960-X. Two switches that can definitely help in achieving your network requirements.

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Want to see how the 9300 compares to the 3850 and 2960-X? Click here to see the comparison.

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The Cisco Catalyst 9000 family of switches introduces a new and simplified licensing package in base and add-on licenses.

The perpetual licensing package includes the Network Essentials and Network Advantage licensing options tied to the hardware. Between them, the base licensing packages cover switching fundamentals, management automation, troubleshooting, and advanced switching features. These network licenses are perpetual.

The subscription licensing package includes the Cisco DNA Essentials, Cisco DNA Advantage options, and Cisco DNA Premier. In addition to on-box capabilities, the features available with this package provide Cisco innovations on the switch and Cisco DNA Center.

Cisco DNA subscription licenses are mandatory at the time of configuration. With Cisco DNA software licenses, customers receive embedded SWSS – which covers 24x7x365 Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support, software release updates, advanced support analytics, and designated service management. This is valid only for the Cisco DNA software subscription stacks (Cisco DNA Essentials, Advantage, and Premier).

Branched network options with questions to ask yourself below

The table below is the licensing combinations that are possible:

Options Cisco DNA Essentials Cisco DNA Advantage Cisco DNA Premier
Network Essentials Yes Yes Yes
Network Advantage No Yes Yes


Comparison Between Catalyst 9300 Models

The Catalyst 9300 Series Access Switches give the flexibility of 90W UPOE+ and multigigabit that helps provide business resilience. All models include Cisco Software-Defined Access, Cisco StackWise, Docker containers, Cisco DNA Spaces, Cisco ThousandEyes Enterprise Agents, and an Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty (E-LLW).

Description Catalyst 9300X modular uplink models Catalyst 9300 "B" higher scale, modular uplink models Catalyst 9300 modular uplink models Catalyst 9300L fixed uplink models
Total number of MAC addresses 32,000 64,000 32,000 32,000
Total number of IPv4 routes (ARP plus learned routes) 39,000 (24,000 direct routes and 15,000 indirect routes) 112,000 (48,000 direct routes and 64,000 indirect routes) 32,000 (24,000 direct routes and 8000 indirect routes)  32,000 (24,000 direct routes and 8000 indirect routes)
IPv6 routing entries 19,500 56,000 16,000 16,000
Multicast routing scale 8,000 16,000 8,000  8,000
QoS scale entries 4,000 18,000 5,120 5,120
ACL scale entries 5,000 18,000 5,120 5,120
Packet buffer per SKU 16 MB buffer for C9300X-12Y 32 MB buffer for 24- and 48-port Gigabit Ethernet models  16 MB buffer for 24- or 48-port Gigabit Ethernet models 16 MB buffer for 24 and 48 port Gigabit Ethernet models
32 MB buffer for C9300X-24Y 64 MB buffer for 24-port Multigigabit model (24UXB) 32 MB buffer for 24 and 48-port Multigigabit
DRAM 16 GB 8 GB 8 GB 8 GB


Why Upgrade to the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switches?

The Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series fixed access switches are designed to help you change your network from a platform of connectivity to a platform of services.

Is your network ready for the new era? Then the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series is the best fit for your network.

The first purpose-built platforms designed for full fabric control with Cisco DNA and Software-Defined Access (SD-Access). These switches deliver stellar performance and functionality and extend Cisco's networking leadership with significant innovations in security, mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the cloud.

Chart showing the trend, feature, and features of installed-base access switches and Cisco 9000 Switch

If you are running your network with Cisco Catalyst 3560-X, 3750-X Series, for best performance, upgrade your network with the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Series Switch.

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