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How to Find a Balanced IT Maintenance Strategy

How to Find a Balanced IT Maintenance Strategy

Implementing an IT maintenance strategy is hard when there are no good options. Maintenance direct from the OEM is costly and leads users to believe it is the only option as upgrades continue to attract your attention.

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The Battle To Provide Rural Broadband

providing rural areas broadband network

The statewide broadband battle is on. Who’s in the lead? New York? Nope. California? Uh-uh. Maybe Massachusetts? Negative.

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The Best IT Equipment Buyback Program to Save You Thousands of Dollars

We’ve all been there. You invest in top-of-the-line tech, and a few years later, it’s time to move on. Maybe your business has grown. Or perhaps your needs have changed. Or maybe you just want newer stuff. Either way, you look at the equipment you’ve grown to love and depend on, and y …

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Is Network Automation Worth the Money?

Is Network Automation Worth the Money - Cisco DNA, Ansible, and DIY

Back in 1929, the “Spokane Sun-God” became the first aircraft to fly non-stop across the country. It went from Spokane, Washington to New York City. After that, flying soon became the go-to method of traveling ‘from sea to shining sea.’ Taking a car, horse and buggy, or even train no …

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Ansible Automation: See How One Senior Engineer Used Ansible to Scale His Team

Test Environment for Network Automation - Network Management Tools

For many, Ansible is the answer they’ve been waiting for: It provides automation that empowers a single admin to do the work of a whole team—deploying, updating, provisioning, configuring, and orchestrating all with custom-designed settings. For others, Ansible—or its advantages over …

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6 Questions To Ask When Considering SD-WAN Technology

sd-wan architecture and everything you need to know when considering sd-wan from pivit global

SD-WAN is one of those technologies that quickly evolved from being a convenient tool to a virtual necessity, particularly given the digitization of business.

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Is Your Cloud Solution Preventing Business Growth?

cloud solutions and business growth from pivit global

In many ways, a cloud solution is a lot like renting a nice apartment. If something breaks, no problem; it’s handled. You don’t have to worry about weekly or monthly maintenance and business growth continues. That comes with the package. And security and surveillance? An afterthought, …

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Third Party Maintenance vs. OEM Maintenance

In many ways, a data center maintenance program is a lot like comprehensive health insurance. Most of the time, you don't need it, but when an emergency happens, every single minute counts. However, it doesn't matter how good your health insurance is if you don't have the best doctors …

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The Dirty Secrets of Some Third-Party Maintenance Providers

the best third party maintenance solutions onecall maintenance from pivit global hardware maintenance

When things go wrong in a data center, the costs can be astronomical: on average, $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner. When IT stops, business stops. Every cent you’re paying employees is wasted, payments can’t come through, and the scramble to return to business as usual only com …

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