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Is Network Automation Worth the Money?

Is Network Automation Worth the Money - Cisco DNA, Ansible, and DIY

Back in 1929, the “Spokane Sun-God” became the first aircraft to fly non-stop across the country. It went from Spokane, Washington to New York City. After that, flying soon became the go-to method of traveling ‘from sea to shining sea.’ Taking a car, horse and buggy, or even train no …

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Ansible Automation: See How One Senior Engineer Used Ansible to Scale His Team

Test Environment for Network Automation - Network Management Tools

For many, Ansible is the answer they’ve been waiting for: It provides automation that empowers a single admin to do the work of a whole team—deploying, updating, provisioning, configuring, and orchestrating all with custom-designed settings. For others, Ansible—or its advantages over …

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