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The Dirty Secrets of Some Third-Party Maintenance Providers

the best third party maintenance solutions onecall maintenance from pivit global hardware maintenance

When things go wrong in a data center, the costs can be astronomical: on average, $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner. When IT stops, business stops. Every cent you’re paying employees is wasted, payments can’t come through, and the scramble to return to business as usual only com …

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3 Resolutions for IT professionals that you can actually stick to!

new year resolutions for the IT professional by PivIT Global

As we start a new year and decade, there seems to be added emphasis on the resolutions that are set - 2020 is a big deal! The dawn of a new decade is a big deal too, regardless of what year it is, it's a chance to start anew - press reset - and really set the stage for how you want yo …

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