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Battle of the Best Network Management Tool: Cisco Prime vs Fortinet FortiManager

The Best Network Management Tool: Cisco Prime vs Fortinet FortiManager

Modern networks are continuously undergoing exponential growth owing to digitization, the ever-evolving market requirements, and business expansions. Modern businesses have their employees and customers spread across wide geographical regions. Such businesses require efficient network …

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Cisco Firepower 9300 Versus FortiGate 7000 Series Firewall

cisco firepower 9300 series vs fortinet fortigate 7000 series

Organizations need security control and visibility to mitigate modern risks. A network breach can compromise sensitive data, erode confidence in a brand, create network downtime, and result in loss of productivity and a downturn in revenue and mission readiness.

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Fortinet FortiSwitch Overview and Comparison With Cisco 2960X

Fortinet FortiSwitch comparison featured image with PivIT branding and an image of the unit

The world is rapidly changing. The demands of everywhere mobility, evolving IoT, cloud adoption, and rapidly advancing security threats make IT managers rethink how their networks are designed and implemented. Much like IT managers having to rethink their networks, OEMs are doing thei …

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Build Your Security Strategy with the FortiGate 200F NGFW Firewall

Challenges have brought many of our clients to one question. How can we leverage the changes we've seen in the data center landscape to have the most impactful security strategy moving forward? Three key technologies step out from the crowd, Network Security, SD-WAN, and Network Autom …

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FortiGate Comparison: 6300F vs 3600E vs 600E

We recently highlighted one of our OEM partners and their success in being recognized by Gartner. Fortinet is an industry-leader in Next-Generation Firewalls. Today we'll show a 3 model comparison of FortiGate NGFWs from Fortinet. The capacities range from mid- to large-sized deployme …

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Your Best Security System: Cisco ASA vs. Fortinet FortiGate

cisco asa verus fortinet fortinet comparison guide

Network security is becoming more important each day through application security, network access control, internal use management, and more. With your firewalls being the initial gateway between external and internal networks, it is necessary to have the leading infrastructure in you …

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