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Operating and Configuring VRRP on Cisco Routers – A Cheat Sheet Guide

virtual router redundancy configuration guide

A Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) may be just the solution for you if you require router backups on the same LAN network. A VRRP is an election protocol that dynamically assigns the responsibility for one or more virtual routers to the VRRP routers on a LAN. This allows for …

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An Engineer's Guide to Configuring OSPF Authentication

Decision making from the highest level executive suite down to the business-grade router in your further branch location is important. The ability to make strong decisions requires full understanding of what needs to be accomplished, analyze past reports and future opportunities, and …

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Configure and Route Efficiently with the Routing Information Protocol

Flow is important whether it comes to cash flow, traffic flow, or even data flow. To increase network productivity, finding the most efficient way to route data is key to remain effective in the network. What protocols do you use to efficiently route data within your network? If you h …

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