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Cisco Firepower 9300 Versus FortiGate 7000 Series Firewall

cisco firepower 9300 series vs fortinet fortigate 7000 series

Organizations need security control and visibility to mitigate modern risks. A network breach can compromise sensitive data, erode confidence in a brand, create network downtime, and result in loss of productivity and a downturn in revenue and mission readiness.

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Firepower Vs. FortiGate – Building an Integrated Security Solution

Cisco Firepower and Fortinet FortiGate next-generation firewall comparison images

For over the last thirty years, the firewall has been the foundation of an organization’s network security strategy. It was designed based on the concept that internal traffic and users were inherently trustworthy, and outside traffic was not, thus building a trust boundary – or perim …

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Palo Alto vs. Fortinet in a Next-Generation Firewall Comparison

palo alto versus fortinet security comparison

The next-generation firewall is a crucial security product for enterprise and large-scale networks. A next-generation firewall (NGFW) provides capabilities beyond that of a stateful network firewall. Today, we put two leaders up against each other in comparison. Distinguish which fire …

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A Next Generation Firewall for Your 2021 Security Strategy

As we enter the final month of 2020, a quick reflection of the year is in store. What are the things we learned that can help set us up for success in 2021? Three key technologies step out from the crowd, Network Security, SD-WAN, and Network Automation. The previous Tech Corner post …

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How Dell EMC's Data Domain DD860 Protects the Integrity of Your Data

To get the edge on the competition or find their niche, companies claim the ‘industry-leading’ tag, but what means qualifies an ‘industry-leader’? It varies throughout each sector of the network hardware industry and your business network. Industry leaders in the Security space are pu …

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FortiGate Comparison: 6300F vs 3600E vs 600E

We recently highlighted one of our OEM partners and their success in being recognized by Gartner. Fortinet is an industry-leader in Next-Generation Firewalls. Today we'll show a 3 model comparison of FortiGate NGFWs from Fortinet. The capacities range from mid- to large-sized deployme …

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Your Best Security System: Cisco ASA vs. Fortinet FortiGate

cisco asa verus fortinet fortinet comparison guide

Network security is becoming more important each day through application security, network access control, internal use management, and more. With your firewalls being the initial gateway between external and internal networks, it is necessary to have the leading infrastructure in you …

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Back to the Basics: Cisco ASA Firewall Configuration Guide

It's always good to get a refresher once in a while! Especially when Cisco has developed their line-up of next-generation firewalls. Cisco's most recent improvements to their next-generation firewall family are the ASA 5506-X, 5508-X, 5516-X, and 5585-X with FirePOWER modules. The new …

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