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Back to the Basics: Is Static or Dynamic Routing Better?

The TL;DR of this question: Neither. They're just different. Read on to learn when to use each routing solution. Routers are an essential piece of hardware in networks. They preserve the knowledge of the network topology and use that information to forward packets to each destination. …

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Backing Up Your Cisco Configurations 101

Cisco Configuration Backup Best Practices

It is best practice to back up your device’s configuration state early and often. Cisco devices provide a variety of options to do just that, whether it be through an FTP server, TFTP server, Ansible, or to a local machine.

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How High CPU Utilization Can Slow Down Your Devices

CPU Utilization Is High - What Next?

Is your device lagging, nobody can get traffic across the network, connections aren’t being made inbound or out? Maybe the cursor is moving slow, or the entire device is not responding? You can hear the fans speeding up, the unit is working its hardest, but you’re getting nothing in r …

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